B.C. Instruments was proud to take part in a project to built Covid-19 ventilators for use in Canada, and we worked closely with a client in the automotive industry to help out with supply chain issues and manufacturing.

B.C. Instruments was responsible for creating five individual components used for the creation and building of machines needed to further create the ventilators in question. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the global pandemic, our team raced around the clock to develop a logistical strategy which encompassed everything from engineering to shipping. All of our team members were on deck to help out by providing as much help as possible. The team gave valuable input and contributed towards a viable action plan that would yield great success.

In the end, B.C. Instruments was able to ship products three full days in advance of the final deadline with a 60% increase in items shipped from previous. B.C. Instruments’s involvement helped accelerate the process of creating Covid-19 ventilators for those in need, and we were proud to be a part of the ensemble team.

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