High Efficiency Machining

Our High Efficiency Machines use zero point clamping interfaces with repeatability to 0.005mm which can be engineered to accommodate modular automation cells.

We make use of a number of machines that utilize high speed spindles, high pressure coolant and constant chip evacuation to machine components at high metal removal rates. This equipment incorporates the use of Robotics and automated CMM inspections and feedback to the CNC controls which allows for 24 - 7 lights out capability, while maintaining precise dimensional control of components being manufactured.

Hard Turning

Hembrug Mikroturn 100

Ultra precision fully hydrostatic turning machine for hardened workpieces up to 68 HRC and 380 mm in diameter.
For more information, please contact:
Rob Wheeler

Vice President, Section Manager
Small Diameter Turning
905-939-7323 - Ext 371

Bruce Conzelmann

Vice President, Section Manager
Large Diameter Turning, Mold
905-939-7323 - Ext 343

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