Laser Engraving

B.C. Instruments uses 2 of the FOBA G10 Laser Engraving Machines. These state of the art machines provides the following benefits:

  • 2D part marking
  • 3D deep engraving
  • 100 Watt, 1064nm laser
  • 120 x 120mm2 Engraving field
  • 250 x 250mm X/Y axis table. 300 x 300mm travel. Max load 50kg
  • Z axis. 500mm travel
  • Rotary axis
  • No contact processing. Clamp free work holding
  • Graphic import of multiple file types.

FOBA G10 Laser Engraving Machines          The Fiber Tower Marking System manufactured

The Fiber Tower Marking System manufactured by PTG Industries features independent components that include q-switched fiber laser, scan head, PCI control board, and graphic-based programming software. It can perform applications such as 2D symbologies and linear barcodes, OCR code marking, and on-the-fly marking and is capable of printing alphanumerics, logos, schematics, and graphics.

Learn more about FOBA G10 laser engraving machine specifications.

For more information, please contact:
Rob Wheeler

Vice President, Section Manager
Small Diameter Turning
905-939-7323 - Ext 371

Bruce Conzelmann

Vice President, Section Manager
Large Diameter Turning, Mold
905-939-7323 - Ext 343

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