Electron Beam Welding

B.C. Instruments has two Electron Beam Engineering EB Welders with a 12 inch cube vacuum chamber. Our personnel received extensive training at the manufacturer’s facility and on site at BCI. This equipment allows us to join dissimilar metals in a vacuum with no filler material and minimal part distortion.

State of the Art CNC Electron Beam Welder
Model 512 Beamer
Chamber 12 x 12 x 12
Weld penetration in steel .025 mm to 18.0 mm
Weld times from 0.1 sec to 999 sec
Speed 760 mm per minute

Fully computerized program & process control including data log for 100% traceability to each welded component. No manual inputs for parameters required after process qualification.

Laser Tack Welder

Digital Microscope for full microscopic analysis of weld joint

100% part specific dedicated tooling to essentially eliminate manual adjustment of Electron beam & operator variation
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For your welding requirements please contact:
Bruce Conzelmann

Vice President, Section Manager
Large Diameter Turning, Mold
905-939-7323 - Ext 343

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