Ceramic Machining

B.C. Instruments offers superior services and practical solutions for engineered materials needs. We have the ability and technology to manufacture low, medium and high volume components with complex geometries and assemblies requiring tolerances as close as three microns.

We consistently advance and rethink the manufacturing of engineered materials from offering advice, solutions, changes and/or modifications to clients’ components and products, to seeking out and embracing the latest and most effective technology to work with.

Our full spectrum manufacturing supports and services engineered materials from ceramics such as alumina and zirconia, silicon nitrate, glass, graphite and composite materials to precious stones, which provides optimum benefit to our clients in the medical and space sciences, and oil, gas, and nuclear industries.

Ultrasonic Machining

Engineered materials machined components

Ultrasonic Machining

A complex assembly heater manufactured out of various materials producing a heater that comes up to an operating temperature in 1/5 of the time compared to the standard technology capability.

Ultrasonic Machining

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For more information, please contact:
Eugene Kokbas

Section Manager
Engineered Materials
705-329-3616 - Ext 223

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