One of our long term clients informed us that they wished to reduce the amount of time taken to receive product parts from the standard turnaround of 58 days. This would help mitigate inventory and quality issues moving forward. 

To compensate, B.C. Instruments created a unique pull system custom-tailored specifically for our client that would analyze the inner workings of their operation to identify any gaps or inefficiencies which could be optimized. This would end up reducing bottlenecks, lead time and quality control issues. 

In the end, B.C. Instruments created a total of three unique pull systems to increase speed and efficiency, while decreasing the amount of negative issues previously hampering production. As a result, turnaround was reduced from 58 days to 14 days – a 75% decrease in delivery time. This positive accomplishment also brought along a few extra benefits including the freeing up of extra manual hours while increasing efficiency for other projects on our client’s schedule.

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