B.C. Instruments has been a supplier to the Plastic Injection Molding Industry for approximately 30 years. Our objective has always been to partner with selected leading customers instead of just merely appearing somewhere on their suppliers list. For this reason we make our services readily available upfront at the design phase so we can assist in avoiding costly and timely delays due to engineering and manufacturing conflicts.

We work closely with our customers from engineering to product development, beta testing and on through to mass production. Some of the products we have manufactured are Nozzle Tips, Housings, Cooling Inserts, Pistons, Cylinders, Insulators, Manifold Bushings, Mixers, and many more items both from the Hot side and Cold side of the mold.

One of our specialties is working with Beryllium Copper; we currently have all processes tested and maintained to well under the current exposure limits set out by OHS Act.

Rob Wheeler
Vice President, Section Manager
Small Diameter Turning
(905) 939-7323 - Ext 371

Bruce Conzelmann
Vice President, Section Manager
Large Diameter Turning, Mold
(905) 939-7323 - Ext 343