B.C. Instruments celebrate their 40th Anniversary 

April 1, 2011
Roger Conzelmann, President

From humble beginnings in our one car garage in 1971 I truly doubt either one of my parents could have ever imagined in their wildest dreams that B.C. Instruments would grow to be a world class precision machine shop that has developed a reputation for quality, customer support and employee development opportunities.

What a challenging but noble decision that was. Did you know that In North America, 70 per cent of new jobs are created by family businesses? In addition approximately 60 per cent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product is generated by family businesses. The difficult reality is that about 70 per cent of average family businesses never make it to the second generation. Luckily for Bruce and I our parents are anything but average. They did an amazing job of not only ensuring that the companies’ growth was manageable and the risk was minimized but in Dad’s never-ending desire to learn what made people tick, he infused a culture, a heart and soul that is truly unique not only in manufacturing but I suspect most companies in the world.

I know I speak on behalf of all employees when I say thank you so much for all you both have done. The transformation from that original spark of an idea in Pottageville of having your own small family business some 40 years ago to this wonderful group of talented individuals has been exciting, scary, challenging, often difficult, rewarding but almost always Happy Days.

OCI Presidential Award

At the OCI (Organization of CANDU Industries) annual general meeting on November 10, 2011 Harshad Patel of B.C. Instruments was presented with the OCI Presidential Award by Ron Oberth, President of OCI. The award was for “For the leader within an OCI member company whose actions most clearly upheld the values of the OCI and contributed to the ongoing health of the Canadian Nuclear Industries”. (OCI) has about 160 member companies supplying services to CANDU nuclear reactors.

BCI Presented with Award from King Township

On Monday July 9th, 2012, Mayor Steve Pellegrini along with King Councillors Cleve Mortelliti, Peter Grandilli, Linda Pabst, Bill Cober, Debbie Schaefer and Avia Eek presented the Conzelmann family with a framed acknowledgement in appreciation of the contributions BCI has made to a prosperous and sustainable community in King Township.

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