Qty. Description
1 Mori Seiki NH 5000 Horizontal Machining Centre 120 Tool ATC with 8 Pallett Pool, maximum travel 650mm x 600 x 670  
2 Mori Seiki NMV 5000 DCG 5-axis Vertical Machining Centre 181 tool ATC, 1 with 5 pallet pool, 1 with 9 pallet pool, Rotary/Lathe Table with 1,200 rpm turning capability, maximum travel 740mm x 500mm x 500mm

Qty. Description
1 Deckel DMS35 Ultrasonic Machining Centre Designed specifically for manufacturing engineered materials such as Alumina Oxide and Zirconia Oxides. Maximum travel is 350mm x 240mm x 340mm
1 Deckel DMU50 5 axis mill
1 DMG-Mori Seiki Eco 1035 Vertical Machining Centre
1 Haas DT-1 Drill/Tap Vertical Machining Centre with MidacoADT-1SD Automatic Pallet Changer, 15,000 rpm, 21 tool ATC, maximum travel 500mm x 400mm x 400mm
1 Haas VF-0, Vertical Machining Centre 20 tool ATC, maximum travel 500mm x 400mm x 500mm
1 Haas VF-0EB, Vertical Machining Centre 10,000 rpm, 20 tool ATC, maximum travel 760mm x 400mm x 500mm
3 Haas VF-2 Vertical Machining Centre, TR 15,000 rpm, 25 tool ATC, 760mm x 400mm x 500mm,TR160 Trunnion table, T5C tilting indexer
7 Haas VF-3 Vertical Machining Centre 20 tool ATC, maximum travel 1016mm x 508mm x 635 mm, 3 with TR210 Trunnion table, 1 full 5 axis (palletized), twin pallet APC
1 Makino FNC-74 Vertical Machining Centre 20 tool ATC, 400mm rotary work head 4th axis, maximum travel 700mm x 450mm x 450mm
1 Mori Seiki, SH-400 Horizontal Machining Centre 12,000 rpm, 60 tools ATC, maximum travel 560mm x 500mm x 500mm, 4 axis with 3 pallets
1 OKK PCV-60 Vertical Machining Centre 20 tool ATC, maximum travel 1000mm x 630mm x 500mm
1 ROLAND MILLING MACHINE MDX-50 Bench Top Milling Machine Table Size: 15.8" X 12" X 3.9 CAM software. Roland Post Processor PPM001
Wire EDM
1 Fanuc C400IB-10 Wire EDM Machining Centre ROBOCUT wire-cutting machine

Qty. Description
1 Nakamura Tome WT100 Twin Spindle, Twin Turret with “Y” axis Mill/Turn Centre 42mm bar capacity
3 Nakamura Tome WT150 Twin Spindle, Twin Turret with “Y” axis Mill/Turn Centre 65mm bar capacity
2 Nakamura Tome WT250 Twin Spindle, Twin Turret with “Y” axis Mill/Turn Centre 65mm bar capacity
1 Miyano BND-345S 3 Axis Turning Centre
4 Miyano BND-425S 3 Axis Turning Centre 42mm bar capacity with sub spindle and revolving tool attachment
1 Tsugami BH20Z CNC Precision Lathe 19mm capacity bar machine
1 Tsugami BU20SY CNC Precision Lathe 19mm capacity bar machine
1 MORI SEIKI NLX-2500 Twin Spindle, Single Turret with "Y" axis Mill/Turn Centre 77mm bar capacity

Qty. Description
2 Deckel Gildemeister CTX 410 Turning Centre with live tooling & 66 mm Bar Capacity
2 Hardinge CHNC Super Precision CNC Lathe
7 Hardinge Conquest GT27SP Super Precision Gang Tool CNC lathe 27mm capacity
1 Hardinge Conquest GT27SP Autoload Super Precision Gang Tool CNC lathe 27mm capacity
6 Hardinge Conquest T42SP Super Precision CNC Lathe 42mm bar capacity
1 Hardinge Conquest 51SP Super Precision CNC Lathe 51mm bar capacity
1 Hembrug Mikroturn 100 Super Precision Hard Turning CNC Lathe Natural granite machine base, Hydrostatic x-axis, z-axis and main spindle
3 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 100-II CNC Lathe
3 Mori Seiki SL-25, 2 Axis CNC Lathe 66mm bar capacity, 1 machine with live tooling.
1 Mazak B075-C03 Quick Turn Smart 200M 20"/500U KY Mazatrol Smart Control
1 Okuma LB 300M CNC Lathe
1 Hardinge Quest GT27 CNC Lathe Big Bore A2-5, 16C Spindle, Additional Standard Length Top Plate, X-Axis Glass Scale

Qty. Description
1 Fortus 250MC Digital Manufacturing Machine Build Size 254 x 254 x 305 mm, Model material ABS Plus-P430, Available in 9 colours

Qty. Description
1 Laser Technologies Cobalt 40 watt
2 FOBA Laser Engraving Machine Model G10
1 Laser Photonics 20 watt Q-switched, Ytterbium laser marking system.

Qty. Description
1 Mercer EL-300 Air Gauge
1 Mitutoyo Crysta AS574 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
1 Mitutoyo Contracer CP-400 Contour Measuring Machine
1 Mitutoyo B231 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine 710mm x 610mm x 455mm capacity
2 Mitutoyo Crysta Apex C 544/574 with Renishaw PH10-M TP7M/TP200 probing head and M-Cosmos software
2 Mitutoyo SJ-400 Profilometer
1 IMS Impact II CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine 750mm x 750mm x 550mm capacity with articulating head and 6 station automatic probe changer
1 Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S7106 Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 Mitutoyo SP25M Scanning Probe Kit # 2 A-2237-1002 (Kit includes: 1 SP25 Probe body; 1 SM25-2 Scanning Module kit)
1 Keyence IM-7020 Image Dimension Measuring System
1 Keyence VHX-900 Digital Microscope 20X to 200X magnification with measuring capability.

Qty. Description
1 Delcam Parkmaker Modeling 2012 3D CAD software
1 R19 FTA-FAI Utility
1 Enovia DMU V5R19
1 Catia V5R21
3 Gibbs Cam V8 Mill / Turn
7 Mastercam X2 Mill / Turn
1 Vericut 7.2.1 (CNC machine simulation /verification)

Qty. Description
1 Almco VC-5, Trough Style Vibrator 6.0 cu ft
1 Comco Inc. Directflo 1200 Microblast
1 Distron, Mini Burr XL 12001 Electro-Chemical Deburring Unit
1 Extrude Hone Vector 200 with Chiller Unit Pliable abrasive media honing machine – used for deburring and polishing of complex inaccessible areas within products
1 Precision Microcast
1 Rosler R-125, Bowel Style Rotary Vibrator Auto-Unloading, 1.8 cu ft
6 Microscopes: 5X to 25X power with related de-burring tools

Qty. Description
2 Beamer 512 Electron Beam Welder 300mm cube – (60kv, 3 kw) Carousel with 10 stations. For use in horizontal and vertical axes. Includes drivers for rotation and index. 3 Axis Controller and X-Y table. Circle generator for widening the beam focus or welding small parts on Axis without rotation.
2 Eldorado Model M75 gundrill machine 19mm diameter capacity x 380mm stroke
1 Kent 3 automatic lapping and polishing machine with 200mm diameter plate
1 Lapmaster 15 Single Face lapping machine
1 Lapmaster 24 Single Face lapping machine
1 Somos Nanotec MDF 630 PR3 Double Sided Lapping Machine Maximum part diameter 200mm
1 Sunnen MBB 1299 honing machine
1 Sunnen MBB 1660 honing machine
1 BrazeMate 100-LS Brazing Machine RAL 5005 Dark Blue Gas/Oxygen Heat System 24" x 30" Electrical Enclosure Model 610 Applicator(s) Outer Manifold with Fixtures
1 Power Clamp Economic Plus NG Shrink Fit System Adjustable Heating Coil Single Station Chuck, Chuck Support Adapter, Cooling Manager, 110V Speed Cooling System

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